The Dangerous Season for Patients with Food Allergies

For parents of kids with food allergic kids holiday treats-from candy to cookies are frightening.  Common allergens such as peanuts, tree nuts, milk and egg are often ingredients in many treats. Some kids may experience a rash or red, itchy skin, vomiting, a stuffy, itchy nose, or diarrhea or stomach cramps if they eat a food to which they are allergic. For children who are severely allergic, a single bite of these foods may cause a life-threatening reaction termed anaphylaxis.
The danger however continues through the holiday season while visiting family over Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah and New Year where many allergenic foods are ingested from tree nuts to foods that may not have been introduced into the child's diet.
Even scarier is a recent study from Mt. Sinai where milk, egg and peanut content from major and minor manufacturers were examined in foods that were labeled as "may contain" or no allergen declared.  There were a number of products that tested positive for these allergens especially milk and egg even though no allergen was declared. Peanut content was less of an issue in this situation.   To read the full article click here.