Food Allergy Awareness Week

A food allergy is a medical condition in which exposure to a food triggers a harmful immune response. The immune response, called an allergic reaction, occurs because the immune system attacks proteins in the food that are normally harmless. The proteins that trigger the reaction are called allergens.  Food allergies can be life-threatening and are a serious and growing public health problem. People visit the emergency room about 200,000 times each year because of food allergies.

World Asthma Day is May 2, 2017.

May is Allergy & Asthma Awareness Month

Over 22 million people living in the United States have asthma, a chronic lifelong disease that affects the lungs. Asthma can cause wheezing, breathlessness, chest tightness, and coughing. Although asthma cannot be cured, it is possible to manage asthma to reduce and prevent asthma attacks. In the United States, approximately half of people with asthma had at least one asthma attack in 2012.